Links To My Favorite Sites!

Photoshop Tutorials

This site is a great resource to learn how to use photoshop. The site is great for teaching because all of their tutorials are written by an Adobe Certified Expert with users in mind. With that in mind, this site is fantastic as far as tutorials for Photoshop go, in that you are taught in the most user friendly way by, a professional. Talk about a great deal!

InDesign Tutorials.

This website is a great way to learn how to use InDesign. It has many helpful features, using a great navigation system, that help you become accustomed to the way InDesign works. One great feature is that there are video tutorials for many of the learning topics, that can help you see what you are learning.

HTML Code Tutorials

This is an HTML code writing tutorial site. This site is easy to use and navigate through, and teaches you how to write code. The best part about this website though, aside from its user friendly format and teaching tactics, is that it is free!

CSS Tutorials

CSS can be a very complicated thing to understand. One great way to clear all questions up and learn how to use CSS properly is this website. This website has an introduction video by creator Stefan Mischook that explains the format is written to be user friendly. Once entered into the site it gives three aspects to learning how to use CSS through easy to find links. These are an introduction, tutorials, and resources for later use. These three topics cover all one would need to know about CSS and teaches skills that will be very useful.